L to R: John Jacob and Todd Matthews

How It All Started

Sweet Nate’s Coffee was created by best friends (Todd and John) who had a vision to bring Toledo its first mobile margarita truck! Unfortunately, city officials weren’t ready for a free range booze truck. It’s probably just as well. We still think hand crafted margaritas paired with street tacos would be genius! Oh well. Maybe some day.

Moving forward, we thought about several food and beverage truck options. While we can make a delicious pulled pork pizza, deep fried lobster mac & cheese balls, or an award winning apple & grilled cheese with a balsamic reduction, we had more experience on the beverage side of things. And one of our passions (more like vices) is coffee. We both drink it every day. So we thought what if we could turn that love of coffee into a business?

We started down that rabbit hole, researched, met with industry professionals, researched some more, and found that there was an opportunity to serve Toledo a great cup of coffee, latte, or cold brew from a mobile trailer. With the blessing of our wives, that’s pretty much how Sweet Nate’s Coffee was conceived. We could bring the energy to each and every one of you, one cup at a time. But if you want two or more were happy to oblige!

Who’s Nate?

So if our names are Todd and John, who’s this Nate guy? Nate is Todd’s dad. The two of us grew up on the same street. Mr. Matthews was kinda like the neighborhood “dad” to our circle of friends. He was a no-nonsense, tell it like it is, Air Force guy. He drank his coffee black and strong. He also enjoyed a good cocktail now and again. If he gave you advice it was in your best interest to pay attention. Especially when he talked to you while looking over the top of his glasses.

So why “Sweet Nate?” Teenage boys are knuckleheads. We were for sure. Whenever Mr. Matthews would walk into the room we’d yell “It’s Sweet Nate!” We thought we were hilarious. He didn’t think so. Anyways, the nickname stuck. He would be known as Sweet Nate until the day he passed away. Still is.

To honor him, we named our business after the coffee drinker we both admired and looked up to. The logo was derived from a picture he had taken of him at a costume party. An Air Force guy wearing a pilot’s helmet, goggles, and a white scarf. It’s perfect!

Sweet Nate
“Sweet Nate” Matthews